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Catan Cat Themed Replacement Pieces


If you enjoy the popular board game of Catan, and have a love for cats - these 3D printed cat themed replacement pieces are for you. A perfect fun gift for housewarming parties, birthdays, and other special occasions as well for your cat loving friends and families. 

Turn your Catan game into a CATan game with these 3D Printed cat themed pieces. =^___^=

Each set includes:
(4) Cat Trees (Cities)
(5) Boxes (Settlements)
(15) Cats (Roads)
(4) Drawstring bags

Each color set will come shipped in it's own durable drawstring bag as shown in the pictures.

Colors come in original piece colors (white, red, blue, orange). If you would like another color, please request a custom order and we will do our best to accommodate your color request.

One night, after our cat abruptly ended our game of Catan by knocking all the pieces off the table (in the most true cat fashion), we came up with the idea to combine our love (or hate) of cats and Catan. These replacement Catan board game pieces are the perfect way to change up your game a little bit by adding just a touch of cat to the game. If you or someone you know loves Catan and cats then this is the BEST way to combine the two!

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Thank you for looking!


The cat "road" piece is a great open sourced design by MakerBot and can be found here:

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